Mount Irvine Beach Resort Tobago

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Whether you are looking to just relax, or fill your day with activities, Mount Irvine Beach Facility, offers all you need for a truly unique Tobago experience, as well as a Surfing location known around the world!

This family orientated location on two beaches, offers everything you need including, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Sailing, Diving & Fishing Tours, Restaurants, Bars, Equipment Rentals, and of course Surfing, when the waves are ideal from early December to late May. Both beaches offer restroom and shower facilities, and beach chairs..

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Mount Irvine Bay & Beach Facility

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Local Weather & Tide Information


Check our Store listings for more Options and Prices

Store Category
Blue Tanager
TT$ 2600.00
Scented Candles
TT$ 75.00
Surf Board Rental
TT$ 150.00
Surfing Lessons
TT$ .00
Pure Hemp Extract
TT$ 80.00
Coastal Journeys & Tours
TT$ 1400.00
Aromatic Oils
TT$ 60.00
Grilled Asparagus and Tomato salad
TT$ 65.00
Hawaiian Tropic Sun Screen
TT$ 72.00
Drone Photo & Video Equipment
TT$ .00
Koka Seafood Flavour Noodles
TT$ 14.00
Surfboard Rentals
TT$ .00
Water hammock
TT$ 85.00
Vordell's Flu and Cold Pack
TT$ 17.00
2 Person Double Kayak
TT$ 85.00
Day Sailing
TT$ 2000.00

Local Businesses in the Mount Irvine Area

Cool Guys Media
(868)- 276-2665
High Tide Surf
(868)- 294 6509
Keino Twin Isle Tours
(868)- 336-5361
Screamer Boat Tours
(868)- 331-3948
Sailing Yacht 'Kulta'
(868)- 276-2665
Moon Over Water
(868)- 709-9698
Rivers of Shashamani
(868)- 465-8882
Island Investments
(868)- 680-8628
Keith 'Jah Destiny' Waldron
(868)- 739-1121
Mt Irvine Beach Rentals
(868)- 702-9451
Anchor Bar & Grill
(868)- 480-6801
Surf Mount Irvine Beach Tobago
(868)- 799-0261
Mount Irvine Bay Resort
(868)- 639-8871
Vordell's Supermarket & Pharmacy
(868)- 610-7634
Zee & Zee Taxi
(868)- 494-0357
(868)- 276-2665

Photo Albums of Mount Irvine Resort

Mount Irvine Surfing Competition 1st March 2023

Photos by Rob Edge: - CoolGuys Media. Feel free to email me at is you would like to get the unwatermarked image in 1920×1080 format or higher

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