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Welcome to Rivers of Shashamani by the Shore, your haven of tranquility nestled along the sun-kissed beachfront of Mount Irvine. Indulge your senses with our exquisite collection of aromatic oils, Discover our carefully curated selection of artisan candles, radiating soft, flickering light that dances in harmony with the ocean breeze. Explore our elegant beachwear and apparel, and for the curious souls, lose yourself in our carefully chosen books, where captivating stories and insightful knowledge await.

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Shirvan Road Mount Irvine Tobago
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Aromatic oils, artisan candles, beachwear, cloths, jewelry, crafts and captivating books.

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Rivers of Shashamani Store Items
Pure Hemp Extract
TT$ 80.00
Per Bottle
Homemade Scented Soaps
TT$ 35.00
Aromatic Oils
TT$ 60.00
Scented Candles
TT$ 75.00
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