Shirvan Plaza Tobago

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Tobago, the picturesque Caribbean island, boasts an array of delightful attractions, and among them are its vibrant shopping malls & Plaza's.

Nestled amidst the island's tropical beauty, these malls and plaza's offer a delightful retail experience for locals and tourists alike. From the moment you step inside, you are greeted by a captivating blend of modern amenities and the island's rich cultural charm. The malls in Tobago house an impressive selection of local and international brands, ensuring a diverse range of shopping options. Whether you're seeking fashionable clothing, unique handicrafts, or delectable local delicacies, the malls cater to every taste.

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Shirvan Shopping Mall Tobago

Discover everything you require about this captivating destination in Tobago on a convenient, all-in-one webpage featuring direct links to local businesses and their offerings. Streamlining your search process, this comprehensive resource aims to save you time and unnecessary clicks, ensuring swift access to precisely what you are seeking.

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Local Businesses in Shirvan Plaza

Caj Stationery
(868)- 631-1632
Shirvan Drugs
(868)- 270-3069
Kitchen Creole
(868)- 639-7000
(868)- 743-2168
Pro Oral Family Dentistry
(868)- 639-7668
The Female Executive Boutique
(868)- 755-8863
Caj Liquor Store And Mini Mart
(868)- 631-1632
Roosters Restaurant
(868)- 631-1133
Pan American Life Insurance INC
(868)- 625-4426
JNR Investments LTD
(868)- 631-1133
The Essential Barn And Pleasurable Bites

Check our Store listings for more Options and Prices

Store Category
Apartment With Pool
TT$ 500.00
3 Bedroom Villa Jacaranda
On Request
Per Night
3 Bedroom Villa Alamanda
On Request
Per Night
Hot Dog & Cassava Fries
TT$ 40.00
Hot Dog Only
TT$ 20.00
Corner View
TT$ 600.00
Per Night
Calabash Bowls 3-in-one
TT$ 220.00
Hand Painted T-Shirts
TT$ 160.00
Shirley Temple
TT$ 15.00
Leather Palm Tree Art
TT$ 3000.00

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