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Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page! Island Likes serves over 40 cruise ships carrying 64,000 passengers, as well as four international airlines and 500,000 annual visitors to Tobago.

Islandlikes.com We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions or FAQ's about our business directory website to help you get the information you need quickly and easily. Whether you're a business owner looking to list your company or a customer searching for the right business, we're here to help. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please contact us. Thank you for choosing our directory!

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Q: Why do I need to be on islandlikes.com?

A: Can you afford not to be listed ?

FAQ's about - The Website and Directory

🌴 Island Likes is a Fully Searchable tourism business directory and comprehensive listing of all the tourism-related businesses in a specific area or Resort. The directory includes information on hotels, restaurants, tour operators, transportation services, rentals, and other businesses that cater to travelers.

🌴 There are several benefits of an online business directory, including:
Increased visibility: An online business directory can help increase the visibility of your business by providing a platform for potential customers to find your business online.
Targeted advertising: Online business directories allow businesses to target their advertising efforts to specific demographics, making it easier to reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in their products or services.
Cost-effective marketing: Online business directories are a very cost-effective and affordable way to market your business.
Increased credibility: Being listed in an online business directory can help increase your business’s credibility, as customers often view businesses listed in directories as more trustworthy and legitimate.

Overall, an online business directory can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, helping to increase visibility, credibility, and profitability with the ability to share your contact information. 

🌴 A Business Page Listing on islandlike.com offers a comprehensive platform for showcasing your company’s details, products, and services. It’s equivalent to having your own website, but within our directory. Our team creates a custom page for you, complete with photography, copywriting, and an optional 30-second interview or promotional video, featuring your business on YouTube. The listing includes your company’s description, location map, photo gallery, links to all your social media pages, and up to six featured products in our online ‘Storefront’ Section.
Furthermore, the full page listings are rated higher in search results, which can help businesses gain increased visibility and exposure to potential customers. Additionally, your business can be included in up to three Business Type categories and Locations, which will reach a wider audience.
In addition you will also have a custom link eg: islandlikes.com/your-business that you can use on any advertising or promotional platform.

🌴 A Business Card Listing holds a comparable level of potency to a business page listing, albeit with less information and fewer photos, social media links, and product keywords. It only displays two products in the Online Storefront and is restricted to a single business category and location. Card listings are positioned below page listings in search results.

🌴 Freelancer Listings were initially introduced with a vision to support young entrepreneurs, new business owners, vendors, roadside services, and freelancers working from home. They contain just one social media link and one product in the store. We consider this as our ‘Starter Pack’ to ensure a place within the site and a platform to grow with your business

🌴 Free Listings The free listings available on the site are constrained to include solely the business name, phone number, address, and a single category. Additionally, these listings expire 90 days after being entered, with the option to upgrade during this time to a permanent listing.

🌴 A Business Page Listing – is a one off building fee of  TT$ 1000.00 or $ 150 USD

🌴 A Business Card Listing – is a one off building fee of  TT$ 500.00 or $ 75 USD

🌴 A Freelancers Listing – is a one off building fee of  TT$ 250.00 or $ 35 USD

To maintain your Page, Card or Freelancers  Listing on the Island Likes Database, a nominal Annual Fee of $250 TT is required 12 months after the initial entry.

🌴Simply provide us with some of your time and information, and we will take care of the rest. Our team will come to your location, create a profile of your business, capture the necessary photos, gather I list of products and services and conduct a brief video interview if you choose to list as a Business Page. Once we have all the necessary information, we will publish your page live on our website.

🌴 YES! We offer all of our professional knowledge, services and resources FREE for all paid listings. We want you to look your best!

🌴Definitely, it is possible for you to obtain website images from your webpage and utilise them wherever you desire. Nevertheless, these images have a low resolution and contain the Island Likes watermark. In case you wish to acquire unmarked 1920×1080 pixel original copies, they are obtainable at a price of TT$ 50 each.

🌴 Once you list your business in our directory, it becomes live on our site for free. As we add more content, your status is upgraded to either a ‘card’ or ‘page’, and you can monitor the progress until completion. Once all the required information and content are available, we will submit your entry to the search engines.

🌴 Yes – After finishing your web page or card, we will submit it to search engines like Google for processing. Typically, it takes a few days for them to recognize your entry, but once they do, your content will start appearing in search results.

🌴SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which refers to the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or a web page in search engine results pages. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase the organic traffic to a website by making it more visible to users who are searching for relevant keywords or phrases.

🌴 Yes Menus are displayed as Text items so if you supply us with the text information we can quickly add it to your page. It is possible to scan menus as a photo and use software to turn the image into text. Page Listings Only.

🌴 Simply call or email our office and we will make small corrections or change immediately. Free of charge Other changes such as adding images or store items usually take one working day.

🌴We kindly suggest a nominal and Annual Cost of $250 TT to keep your Page, Card or Freelancer Listing on the Island Likes Database. This cost ensures that your media content, prices, and all information on the page remain current, accurate, and up to date.

🌴Great news that you have your own website! Listing it on our site will provide a direct link, making it easier for people to discover it and ultimately driving more traffic to your personal website. Visitors who browse Island Likes are usually searching for specific products and services within particular locations on the island, or using particular keywords to find what they need. 

🌴  A webpage provides various benefits that surpass those of a Facebook page. Firstly, not all individuals use Facebook and its user base primarily comprises of younger age groups. Moreover, Facebook lacks the option to specify the location or products, or to provide links to other social media platforms. In addition, Facebook imposes limitations on the available templates and design options, while retaining ownership of the content and providing limited control over its display. On the other hand, a webpage offers greater control over branding, customization, design, and content ownership in comparison to a Facebook page.

FAQ's about - Business Content

🌴 Most business with multiple outlets have a central office which we recommend using as you main business page listing. It is possible to add up to 3 locations (on page listings)  to our category dropdown list, and you can mention specific information in the body copy or description on your main page such as address and contact details of other outlets.  

🌴 CoolGuys Media is a local Tobago business based in Mount Irvine,  that provides a range of services related to digital media. Cool Guys offer web design, development, and hosting services, as well as graphic design, video production and digital photography and marketing solutions. Our team of experienced professionals work with clients to create custom solutions that meet their specific needs and objectives.

🌴 Payments can be made in either TT$ or USD cash, by personal cheque, or online using PayPal and Bank Transfer. 
We also have a UK payment platform using Monzo

🌴 Yes Customers with Full Page Listing can post multiple events VIEW LINK HERE which display on their home page as well in the event section. Event listings link directly back to the business holding the event and any sponsors that may be involved as long as they too are listed in the directory. 
Customers with Card Listing can advertise single events only. 

🌴 Adding Events are FREE! Just go to our ADD AN EVENT page and complete the form. Once the details are approved by our moderators, event listing will appear live on the site.
However, Free event listing do not link back to businesses in the directory. 

🌴 A You Tube Video is optional for Business Page listing, and are displayed on the listing page. We produce a 30 second video where customers can talk about their products and services in an interview format. For those not wishing to appear personally in videos, we offer a further option of taking  a voice recording and apply it to video clips or still photos of their business. These videos are posted on You Tube, with links back to the page listing and using the business description from their page . The business name will be in the title of the video.

🌴 YES! Because Google owns You Tube it will appear for certain on any search results. You Tube viewer can search directly on that platform.

🌴 Gail our video tour guide mentions all businesses on the roadside on-route during her tours. She always has something Fabulous to say about each one and we link each business back to the website from a ‘Time Stamp’ found in the video description.   

🌴 NO as long as they are simple text changes 

🌴 A Business Page Listing can have up to 6 storefront listings in in any of the following categories, Food, Cocktails, Tours, Rentals and Products. 
Business Card Listings have up to 2 listings in the store.  Freelancers have just 1

🌴 The Storefront / Islandlikes.com has a unique feature called the Storefront / Shop section, which is not an e-commerce platform as yet. But it lists products in categories such as Food, Cocktails, Tours, Rentals, and Products, each with their own subcategories like General, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Delivery under Food. Additionally, you can choose a location category, that will direct you to products in that location.

All products are searchable by keyword, category, or filters. A Price Slider is also available, allowing you to select the price range of goods and services you need, and it will automatically filter products that are out of any specific price range.

When you get search results, you can click on the product to view its details page, which then links directly back to the seller’s Business Listing. Vice versa, business pages show products that link to the store, which is pretty cool, don’t you think?

🌴 Yes! of course, just call us or send us a conformation  Email. Changes are usually made straight away.

🌴 Yes We do! CoolGuysMedia has not only the experience and expertise but the creative flare to get you out there in style at the minium of cost.
We are here to help with domain registration, hosting, web development and Search engine optimisation as it is essential to get you seen by Google and other search engines, a simple call and all your headaches are gone.
We have over thirty years of successful experience in the media sphere in the Caricom, US and UK business market.

🌴 Mount Irvine Tobago 
h: +1 868.276.COOL (2665)
email: coolguysnetwork@gmail.com

🌴 Island Likes is a web platform developed to cover the Caribbean Region and not Just Tobago. We are already setting up connections and staff in Grenada Antigua and St Lucia. In time you will be able to switch islands on the site, so ALL Tobago businesses on Island Likes will be showcased all over the Caribbean. 

At Islandlikes.com We understand the significance of the visual appearance of your page listing and this web platform. Therefore, we are delighted to offer our extensive international experience in copywriting, photography, 360 degree images and video services to you, completely free of charge! With our help, your business will look better than ever before.

In summary, whether you're planning a trip to Tobago or are a local business looking to expand your reach, Islandlikes.com is an essential resource for anyone seeking information about local businesses, events, and attractions.

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