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At Island Likes, our primary goal is to support small businesses
by equipping them with the necessary online tools and presence to promote their invaluable services, which often go unnoticed. Within our store section, we have a dedicated category called ‘Freelancers,’ VIEW PAGE designed to highlight the essential day-to-day services provided by hard-working local individuals. These dedicated entrepreneurs offer a range of services, including cleaning, hairdressing, gardening, transportation, creative services, construction labor, office and property maintenance, general upkeep and many many others.
As part of our commitment to the success of all our full business listing clients on Island Likes, we extend the opportunity to support these freelancers at absolutely no cost. We sponsor them with a freelance listing on Island Likes, ensuring their visibility and recognition. These freelancers come highly recommended by established businesses that already benefit from their services.

We understand that every successful business starts with an idea and relies on the determination and hard work of individuals. By doing your part and assisting these hard-working individuals, you contribute to their journey of turning their ideas into reality.

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Young people embarking on their first business venture
often find themselves in need of all the support they can get. Starting a business at a young age is a courageous and ambitious endeavor, requiring determination and resilience. These aspiring entrepreneurs are driven by their passion and a desire to make their mark in the business world. However, they often face unique challenges, such as limited experience, financial constraints, and a lack of established networks. In this critical phase, they greatly benefit from mentorship, guidance, and access to resources that can help them navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship. By providing them with the necessary assistance and empowering them with knowledge and opportunities, we can fuel their entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to their success. Supporting young people in their first business ventures is not just an investment in their future but also in the innovation and growth of our society as a whole.

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