Keith ‘Jah Destiny’ Waldron

Embracing the Rhythms of Reggae, Spreading Love Worldwide."

Keith ‘Jah Destiny’ Waldron, a Rastafarian musician and songwriter from Tobago, has enchanted audiences worldwide for over 30 years with his reggae melodies and skillful guitar and keyboard performances. Beyond his musical talents, Keith is a versatile artist and scriptwriter, with a soon-to-be-launched magazine.

Having graced stages in the USA, Caribbean, Europe, Scandinavia, and local bars and restaurants in Tobago, Keith’s soulful voice and infectious rhythms resonate with diverse audiences. With 10 albums released, he continues to produce exceptional music, and his hit song “Loco” has gained popularity on Trinidad and Tobago’s radio waves and beyond.

Keith ‘Jah Destiny’ Waldron’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his positive messages of love and unity have made him an enduring musical force. As he prepares to unveil his magazine, his influence is set to reach even greater heights, leaving a lasting impact on the world of reggae and beyond.

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Singer, Songwriter,  Musician. Publisher and Artist
But his creative endeavors don't end with music. Keith is also an accomplished scriptwriter, showcasing his versatility and artistic prowess in different forms of expression. His passion for communication extends to his magazine, which is set to launch soon, promising to be a platform that celebrates culture, music, and the arts.

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Keith 'Jah Destiny' Waldron Store Items
Album - 'No Hiding Place'
TT$ 100.00
Album - 'Heaven Help Us'
TT$ 100.00
Album - 'Higher Meditation'
TT$ 100.00
Album - 'Emergency'
TT$ 100.00
Jah Destiny ALBUMS

1. Emergency
2. Rude Bawi War
3. Patience Running Out
4. Isis Crisis
5. Slow Down
6. Streets
7. For Buju
8. For Humanity
9. Culture Plan
10. For His Majesty
11. Wanted

1.Praise the Lord thy God
4.Gloria's Party
5. Why cant We 6.Higher Meditation
7.She's Mine 8.Curfew

1. String Instruments
2. Crack Shot
3. Straight Hard
4.Heaven Help Us
5.Since You've Been Around
6.Gone In The Wind
7.Boys In Blue
8.City Life
9. Runaways
10. Stuff It
11. Stuff It Dub
12. Straight Hard Dub

1. Emporer Selassie 4:36
2. Lammsbook Of Life 5:33
3. I Trompet 4:44
4. No Hiding Place 5:54
5. Crazy For You 2:59
6. Humanity Song 4:17
7. No Place Like Home 5:40
8. Running Out 5:08
9. Funky Ragga Muffin 4:06
10. D`Jigg 3:52
11. For His Majesty 3:51.

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