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Indispensable Craft, owned by Shurnelle in Tobago, is an enchanting haven for art enthusiasts and craft lovers alike. Stepping into the store, visitors are greeted by a dazzling array of handcrafted treasures. From intricately designed jewelry and eye-catching accessories to vibrant paintings and sculptures, every item reflects Shurnelle’s impeccable taste and passion for creativity. The shop also offers an impressive selection of sunglasses, slippers, and other stylish accessories, perfect for adding a touch of island flair to any outfit. With a wide range of arts and crafts, Indispensable Craft is a go-to destination for unique and memorable gifts that capture the essence of Tobago’s rich cultural heritage, not to mention she does beautiful braids and locks.

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Booth 14, Store Bay Tobago
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✅ Products and Services

Beautiful hair braiding and locks

T-Shirts, Caps Accessories, Clothing, Souvenirs.

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Indispensable Craft Store Items
T Shirts
TT$ 100.00
TT$ 80.00
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