Gary Regis Steel Pan

Forging Melodies of Steel

Meet Gary, a talented Tenor Steel Pan Player from the vibrant island of Tobago. With his instrument as his faithful companion, Gary takes his audience on a nostalgic journey through time, captivating them with the mesmerizing melodies of classic tunes. As a solo artist, he effortlessly weaves his magic, skillfully recreating the soulful rhythms of yesteryears. From the sweet crooning of Soca to the infectious beats of well know international tunes, Gary’s performances transport listeners back in time, igniting fond memories and filling the air with joyous nostalgia. With each note that resonates from his steel pan, Gary leaves an indelible mark, bringing smiles to the faces of all who witness his enchanting performances.

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41 Glennick Terrace
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Tenor Pan Player and entertainer

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Tenor Pan Player
TT$ 350.00
Per 1/2 Hr
Ricardo Maximin
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