October 25, 2024

Tobago Carnival

27th – 29th October Tobago Carnival is a vibrant and culturally rich festival held annually on the picturesque island of Tobago in the Caribbean. It’s a celebration of music, dance, and the island’s diverse heritage, featuring a colorful and lively parade with participants adorned in elaborate costumes, representing various themes and traditions. One of the most anticipated events during Tobago Carnival is “Juvert,” short for “Jouvert Morning.” Juvert is an exuberant pre-dawn street party that kicks off the festivities. Revelers paint themselves with vibrant colors, cover their bodies in mud or chocolate, and dance to the infectious rhythms of steel drums and soca music, all while embracing the freedom of expression and unity that define this unique and joyful event. Both Tobago Carnival and Juvert showcase the island’s commitment to preserving its cultural identity while welcoming visitors to join in the unforgettable celebrations.

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Sin City J'ouvert Band & The Asylem

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