Primitive Arts

Unleash Your Inner Artist at Tobago's Premier Arts and Craft Haven

Welcome to Primitive Arts, the hidden gem in Black Rock, Tobago. Discover a captivating world of creativity, where locally made treasures await you. Explore our exquisite leather crafts, intricate ceramic pieces, unique clothing designs, mesmerizing calabash shell creations, sustainable bamboo products, stunning paintings, and handcrafted jewelry. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Tobago through our diverse range of artisanal wonders. Primitive Arts: Where art comes alive with local flair.

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Grafton Old Road, Stone Haven Bay, Black Rock, Tobago
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✅ Products and Services

  • Leather crafts: Immerse yourself in the beauty of our skillfully crafted leather items.
  • Ceramic pieces: Experience the intricate artistry of our locally made ceramics.
  • Clothing designs: Find unique and fashionable clothing designs that embody Tobago's style.
  • Calabash shell creations: Be mesmerized by the artistic creations made from calabash shells.
  • Bamboo products: Discover sustainable and eco-friendly products made from bamboo.
  • Paintings: Dive into a world of stunning paintings that capture Tobago's essence.
  • Handcrafted jewelry: Adorn yourself with one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, meticulously handcrafted with local materials.

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Primitive Arts Store Items
Doll Fridge Magnets
TT$ 80.00
Leather Palm Tree Art
TT$ 3000.00
Burlap Bags
TT$ 175.00
Hand Painted T-Shirts
TT$ 160.00
Calabash Bowls 3-in-one
TT$ 220.00
Bamboo Wind Chimes
TT$ 230.00
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